Monday Mason Jar Miracle

Ok, maybe not a *miracle* but pretty close.

I go through a TON of Mason Jars. I never seem to have enough of them, in fact.

I have a feeling that wont be a problem for a while now.

A few weeks ago I went down to my favorite thrift store in “town”. I dont get to go very often anymore but the hubs and I had a few minutes while we were “down the hill” (as us mountain folks say) and we stopped in for a¬†peek. I was looking for mason jars, but only found two. I know the manager of the store because of my frequent shopping there when we lived in town so I stopped to chat with her a bit. I told her I was looking for Mason jars and she asked for our number so she could call me when some came in.

Well, some came in.

And by some, I mean more than some.

She said she had a trashcan full, and some boxes.

I forgot to take pics of the trashcan…but it was a huge, outdoor rubbermaid style trash can FULL of 1/2 gallon jars. all of these plus a dishwasher load full of more.

Then we have these:

and two more boxes worth that I had already moved to the dishwasher:

I have already washed about 80 jars and haven’t even touched the ones on the floor yet.

I am on my 2nd dishwashing cycle of the day, and I suspect I have about 3 or 4 more to go. I really think I have close to 200 jars.

I paid $10.00 for all of them.

Neighbor Extraordinaire (thats her official title) just spent like an hour and a half helping me wash and put away. We hardly put a dent in it. I have no idea where I am going to put them all, but I SO dont care. I will figure it out.

In the meantime, I am going to keep on washin’.

Happy Monday All!

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  1. Andrea Says:

    Yes, Sam, it was. I am still washing them.

    Tina, its an unbelieveable amount. I found a place for them, but I gotta get them all washed first!!

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